2014 Bakery & Laundry Conference

Posted September 8, 2014 By Local 769

tp_bakeryThe 2014 I.B.T Bakery & Laundry conference was held in Lake Tahoe from August 25 -27 2014. On Tuesday, August 26, 2014 David Renshaw a Business Agent from Teamsters Local 769 who serves on the Human Rights Commission and is the South East rep. for iPods for wounded veterans, spoke with all of the business agents, delegates and the executive board of I.B.T Bakery & Laundry division. During that time David spoke about the events that have taken place since we had the pleasure of having ipods for Wounded Veterans speak at our Bakery & Laundry conference in 2013.10645322_264537613746304_4051805476666137638_n One of the many events was in December 2013 when Teamsters Local 769 delivered thousands of thank you letters for our dear soldier campaign along with afghan blankets that were made and donated from VFW posts and spent quality time with our wounded soldiers and their families. David then took the time explaining to the conference of what he witnessed when he visited our troops and the gratitude they all showed. A thank you letter from one of the soldiers was read into the recorder and there was not a dry eye in the audience. He reminded everyone of the utmost importance that there is for us all to continue to support our nation and our troops that come home with a need of our support. David included brochures of how to donate and noted that ipods for Wounded Veterans is a 501-C3 organization. An ipods for wounded veterans framed certificate of appreciation was then given to the Bakery and Laundry division at the conference and David exited the stage with a most gracious standing applause.

The conference offered multiple educational agenda topics that were disused, one of them being that the most important item is the need to organize within and create an organizing committee within the Bakery & Laundry division itself.10009299_264537670412965_2255968541267287459_n Since the exit of I.B.C. Hostess brand, it is extremely important to organize the growing non-union bakeries (i.e. Flowers brand). An organizing committee has now been put in place. Business Agent David Renshaw volunteered and the Bakery & Laundry division accepted. David is now on the Bakery & Laundry organizing committee for the South. “We will utilize our current members and our active retirees to make this a growing success. Not only do we need to preserve our current work but we need to continue to grow the bakery and laundry division”. 

With more than 80,000 members the Teamsters National Bakery and Laundry Conference is the oldest conference within the Teamsters. From baked goods to breads to linen supplies, Teamsters produce and deliver the products consumers rely on. The conference was attended by Teamsters Local 769 business agents John Sherman-laundry and David Renshaw-bakery.

As always, for the latest information on the bakery and laundry division or any news that relates to members of Teamsters Local 769, keep checking back here or subscribe to our website for automatic updates by submitting your email address to our mailing list on the upper left side of our homepage. We never share you information with any other organization or mailing list.



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Happy Labor Day

Posted September 1, 2014 By Local 769


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Primary Election – Get out and VOTE!

Posted August 23, 2014 By Local 769

PrimaryVOTEIf you haven’t already early voted, Teamsters Local 769 would like to remind you to get out and vote this Tuesday August 26th, 2014. The primary elections are often overlooked but still very important as we encourage you to support the men and women running for office that understand the issues of today’s union members and their families.

Below is a list of voting information links for each county.



Palm Beach


St. Lucie

Indian River





The Teamster Union’s Congressional voting scorecard allows members to see where their elected officials stand on the issues that matter most to Teamsters and all working families. Click here to find your Representative and Senators and see how they voted. http://teamster.org/election-center/key-votes

If you would like to know which candidates are recommended by Teamsters Local 769, click here.

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An Evening for the Ages

Posted August 8, 2014 By Local 769

Unions have been hard at work in South Florida for a long time. Many locals had been chartered over the years and while some have faded into history or merged with one another, one local stands strong here in Miami. Fifty years strong and tonight was the night to celebrate that accomplishment.

Local 769 President Mike Scott

Local 769 President Mike Scott

The date was Saturday, August 2, 2014. Teamsters and friends of labor had been arriving at the Doubletree Hotel in Deerfield Beach Florida all weekend long, some from as far away as New York, Puerto Rico and Texas. Around six o’clock the halls began to fill as members, friends, and family of Teamsters Local 769 greeted each other and shared stories over cocktails at the largest blue collar “red carpet” photo shoot in South Florida history.

Iliana Flores presents Teamster history

Iliana Flores presents Teamster history

Teamsters Local 769 President and Principal Officer Mike Scott kicked off the evening by introducing the officers, business agents and staff of Local 769 beginning with the amazing women that make up our office staff. Maria, DeShaun, Sue and Joanna. After a resounding applause for each of the trustees, business agents and officers, Mike introduced Iliana Flores of the IBT Training and Development Department to present the history of the Teamsters in South Florida and the story of the founding of Teamsters Local 769.

Next to introduce the evenings special guest speaker was Teamsters Local 769 Secretary Treasurer Josh Zivalich. “The leadership of this local has always felt that we were standing on the shoulders of giants,” Josh said, “and tonight we have one of those giants here with us.” The giant Josh was referring to was Norman Goldstein, one of the founding officers of Teamsters Local 769. Now at 91 years of age, Mr. Goldstein energized the room with tales of his life as a union organizer in the South during the days of segregation and Jim Crow Laws to the time he spent as Secretary Treasurer and the founding of Local 769. Also on hand this night were previous Local 769 Recording Secretaries Sam Cassella and Steve Greenwell.

Local 769 Founding Officer Norman Goldstein

Local 769 Founding Officer Norman Goldstein

There was a second purpose for the nights celebration as well. To honor the service and careers of two business agents who had recently retired from Teamsters Local 769, Don Marr and Daisy Gonzalez-Colli. Don was introduced by Business Agent Joe Lopez, a friend and colleague back through the days they worked together at local 390 in Miami. Teamsters Local 769 Recording Secretary Rolando Pina was next to the podium to introduce Daisy Gonzalez-Colli who when asked what she would miss the most about her years with the Teamsters, she said “the brotherhood. Unionism as a whole, the comradery and the guys busting her chops.” Well, that continued that evening as both retirees were presented with a pair of rocking chairs. Dinner, drinks and dancing followed as everyone joined in the celebration of a monumental achievement and a fifty year foundation of a bright future for labor in South Florida.DSC00663

I want to thank all of our guests, sponsors and employers for attending our event tonight.“, said Local 769 President Mike Scott. “But, most of all I want to thank all of our retired officers, agents and members who worked hard over the years to make Local 769 a great union. Without all of you we would not be here tonight.”

Thanks to all of our sponsors!





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2014ScholarshipAppMaking sure Teamster children grow up receiving a good education is a goal of all Teamster parents and even if your children are not ready to head off to college, it’s not too soon to help.

The following information has been mailed to all stewards and can be printed directly from our website. Included is an application for 2014 graduating seniors to apply for a scholarship from the Teamsters Local Union No. 769 Scholarship Fund and an application for all members to come out to our annual golf tournament on October 4th, 2014, to raise money for the very same fund.Oct-5-2013golfTOURN

We hope you will join us for what is always a fun day and spread the word about the Scholarship Fund to all of your coworkers with children entering college. It’s just another way that Teamsters Local 769 members stand up for their brothers and sisters and their families.

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HRC Update

Posted July 7, 2014 By Local 769

Ipods for Wounded Veterans

The following pictures and video are related to the Teamsters Local 769 Human Resource Commission and it’s ongoing efforts for the Ipods for Wounded Veterans campaign. For more information, click HERE to visit our HRC page.


Here's the iPods team at Bethesda MilitaryHospital. We met with over 80 wounded warriors yesterday and we are heading to Walter Reed Hospital today.

Here’s the iPods team at Bethesda MilitaryHospital. We met with over 80 wounded warriors yesterday and we are heading to Walter Reed Hospital today.


Ed Collazo from the Bose Corporation on the right and Francisco Urena, Commisioner of Veterans Affairs in Boston on the left with the winner of our rsffel of a Bose docking station.

Ed Collazo from the Bose Corporation on the right and Francisco Urena, Commisioner of Veterans Affairs in Boston on the left with the winner of our rsffel of a Bose docking station.

Veterans Trip to Washington from Wilmington TV on Vimeo.

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Attention Centurion Cargo Members

Posted July 5, 2014 By Local 769


The following is a letter from Captain David P. Bourne, Director of the Airline Division from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, addressing the ongoing situation with Centurion and some of the rumors being put out about the impact and pace of the mediation over your contract as well as the issues related to SkyLease and how that relates to mediation.

Click HERE if you are unable to view the letter below this article. As always, keep checking back here for the latest news as it relates to members of Teamsters Local 769 or subscribe to our website for updates by entering your email address into the box on the left side of our homepage.

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Congressman Honors Local 769 Members

Posted June 17, 2014 By Local 769

BqXGxkeIMAEfOL8On Tuesday June 17th, 2014 at the UPS facility in Riviera Beach, Florida, Teamsters Local 769 members were honored by Florida District 18 Congressman Patrick Murphy for their safety and dedication to their community.

UPS drivers Al Vargas and Jeff McNeil were inducted into the UPS Circle of Honor which is achieved by having a safe driving record for 25+ years. Congressman Murphy spoke about their great achievement and congratulated all of the Circle of Honor members on their accomplishment and dedication to safety. Other Circle of Honor members in West Palm Beach were recognized including Mark Aiken, John Bostrom. John Deegan, Clint Edwards, Brian Fales, Bob Fasig, Greg Garceau, Craig Knauff, Keith Moser, Ben Nowlin, John Riddle, William Smith, and Gerald Tirpak.

UPS driver Mark Aiken was also presented with an award from the Police Chief of North Palm Beach, Rick Jenkins. Recently, Mark assisted in foiling a bank robbery by reporting two suspicious characters that he observed in front of a bank on his delivery route. Upon their arrest, they were identified as wanted bank robbers from New York, demonstrating once again the commitment Teamster members have for looking out for everyone in their community.

Congratulations to all of the above mentioned members and to all of the Local 769 members who strive to make their community a better place to live.



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Special Weekend Phone Service For UPS Members

Posted May 29, 2014 By Local 769

TeamCareLogoTeamCare welcomes the opportunity to serve the future healthcare needs of UPS Teamsters starting this Sunday, June 1, 2014.

To assist Teamster members with the transition,TeamCare will be open this weekend. The Participant Services call center will be open both Saturday and Sunday for UPS Teamster members. Although the call center is normally closed on weekends, TeamCare is providing special member service hours this weekend.  UPS Teamster members can reach TeamCare at 800-323-9257.

If UPS members require any assistance this weekend,
TeamCare is there to help at 1-800-323-9257.
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All Aboard! -Retiree Day Cruise

Posted May 22, 2014 By Local 769

BIMINOn Saturday July 12, 2014, Teamsters Local 769 retirees will set sail aboard the Bimini Superfast for a day cruise out of Port Miami. Family and friends are welcome. See the flyer below for full details or click here.

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